Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Goodguys 2010

Getting ready to head out in the morning

I decided to pull the "stripes" off since I never got around to painting them

On the road. I completely rewired the truck, I haven't yet tucked it all away though. here you can also see the '62 Comet dash that I put in. Big improvement over the stock sheetmetal piece.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010



With the engine looking so good I had to add a little jewlery

 the birds are actually for a friend of mine because I wanted a bull

This all started with a clutch job

With the trans out I remembered that the clutch had been slipping in a bad way when I drove the thing last and so decided to get that job behind me. Being that I was tired of lying on my back I decided to go ahead and pull the motor... and then things got out of hand.

started to grind off all the clutter
replace the freeze plugs

and go ahead and smooth and shoot it
along with all the other stuff that fell off in the process

Drilled out all the troughs between the intake runners and ground them all back smooth
Even the inside of the oil pan was treated to a little POR15 


More grinder pushing and POR15

A dab of Powder
a handful of stainless hardware, and she's ready for the ball


Rebuilt trans, and then again not

I took it upon myself to rebuild the little baby trans that the truck came with

All was going quite well, I got her all apart, prettied it up with POR15 and DBC

And then this shows up

Someone on the Ford Falcon forum offers me up his perfectly good trans ready to go for free
well, how could I say no. So now I've got two, one that's real pretty, but in pieces in the corner, and one that's been put to work.